Bear In Mind – Vol 21 Issue 1

In this issue:

  • From the Bear Den by Dennis Udovich
  • Off Season Projectcs BEARing Fruit by Ryan & Steph Horner
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Winter Bird Feeding by Carolyn Laursen
  • Do Bears Hibernate by Karen Hauserman
  • A Special Time-Special Visit by Riley Lehman
  • Photo Workshop by Tim Halvorson
  • Naming Animal Groups

Bear In Mind – Vol 19 Issue 1

In this issue:

  • Udovich Steps Down as ABA Head by Tom Klein
  • Moose Calves Holding Their Own by Brian Larson
  • Bear Rescue at Silver Lake by Lyle Conaway
  • Passenger Pigeon by Carl Racchini
  • The Bears by Cindy Ball\In Memory of David Buist by Klari Lea
  • Becoming a Wildlife Professional by Melissa Boehmer

Bear In Mind – Vol 18 Issue 2

In this issue:

  • Presidents Report by Dennis Udovich
  • I Cried Wolf by Nancy Glass
  • Oldest Wild Black Bear Dies
  • Vince Shute 100 Years by Karen Hauserman
  • Schwinn is Back by Rhonda Schrader
  • Berry Crop of 2013

Bear In Mind – Vol 17 Issue 3

In this issue:

  • From The Bears Den by Dennis Udovich
  • Bear Sanctuary by Tom Klein
  • SayLin Ong…Working for a Better Future By Klari Lea
  • One more from the Timberjay by Marshall Helmberger
  • Bucklew By Ken Bucklew
  • Summary of Scat Stud By Keith Doerfler

Bear in Mind | Spring 2012

In this issue:

  • From the Bear’s Den
  • Little Fox Face by Carl Racchini
  • Life Time Achievement Award – Karen Hauserman
  • Watch and Learn, Patch – The Miracle Bear, Part 2 by Klari Lea
  • The Merry Month of May at VSWS by Karen Hauserman
  • A Sanctuary Romance by Liesel Schmidt
  • Become a Member

Trail Camera Pictures at the Sanctuary

Schwinn the three legged bear came in the evening of July 4th. This is his 12th year returning to the sanctuary!

We took over 800 pictures on three trail cameras this winter; One eyed fisher, Timber Wolf, Red Fox, Raccoon & Deer We have the cameras out to see when the… Read more