We are pleased to let you know that our silent auction in December 2023 was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!! 

Thank you for all of your wonderful donations!  It was such a success that we are already planning for another auction later in 2024!!

VSWS is now accepting donations of items for this event and to make things easier you can now donate here!  Please consider helping the bears by donating an item, experience or service you provide that will encourage competitive bidding.  With your generous donation, we will proudly recognize you on social media and in our Bear In Mind newsletter.  Remember, your tax-deductible donation will allow VSWS to continue our mission and to education people on the American Black Bear.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and it is only by supporters like you that the VSWS can continue this wonderful experience!

On behalf of the staff, volunteers, interns and especially the bears, we thank you for your support!

Silent Auction Donations

Contact person in case of questions.
Please describe the item(s) you wish to donate to the silent auction. The more descriptive the better!
Please list the value in dollars of your donated item(s) or your best estimate.