First Annual Banquet A Success!

All who attended the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary fundraising event had a fun night.

ORR, MN—Sepember 21, 2009—The 1st Annual American Bear Association Banquet on Sept 19th was considered a successful event and raised funds for the American Bear Association and the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary.

If this banquet was judged on attendance, then the American Bear Association got an ‘A’ plus. Droves of people pre-registered for the event, and there were still people coming in the door trying to get in at the last minute. The American Legion, where the banquet was held, was packed.

“We were very very happy with the turn out,” says American Bear Association president Dennis Udovich, “It is a nice feeling to know the area businesses, locals and our members are supportive of us.” Adds Udovich, “Without the support of the community we would not have been able to make this banquet possible. We can return the favor in bringing repeating tourists back to the area to frequent these establishments. ”

The banquet had a nature theme and was decorated with wildflowers, naturally dropped deer antlers and aspen logs. Candles made just the right ambiance to start off the bidding wars on the live auction items. Many items were available for bid and two items stood out as winners; an artist rendering of a bear cub called “Inner Child,” and the signed Brett Favre photograph.

“Those items did extremely well on our live auction tables. They were hot items and everyone wanted them. It was very beneficial for The American Bear Association. The bidders felt the money was going to a good cause, so it’s a win win situation,” states Udovich.

Funds raised at the banquet are going into an account for the future building of the Education and Research Center at the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary. This center will be the boost that the Sanctuary needs to accommodate all the visitors who are visiting the sanctuary during the heavy summer months.

The American Bear Association was established as a nonprofit organization in 1995. Thousands of people visit the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary every year to view and learn about black bears, their behavior, habitat needs and life cycles. If you would like to make a donation to the Education and Research Center please contact the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is open to the public each Tuesday through Sunday, from 5PM till dusk, between Memorial Day and Labor Day and closed on Mondays. September 6th was their last day of operation. For more information visit the website