Intriguing Owls


Professional naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela respects and admires owls. “They are strikingly beautiful creatures and incredible hunters. Owls are among my favorite birds to study and to photograph.” Stan spent over 20 years observing owls across the country, documenting such major events as migration and courtship, as well as everyday activities including feeding and sleeping. The result is an incomparable collection of images and insight compiled in one unforgettable book. Arresting photographs reveal the owl in an astonishing new light. Gripping information, drawn from detailed research and Stan’s personal observations―including field studies and long-term video monitoring of nesting owls―combine to create a compelling read. Headings and small blocks of text complement Stan’s stunning photography for pleasurable, easy browsing. Every important aspect of the birds’ lives is portrayed in this gorgeous book. Your coffee table won’t be complete without it.

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