Snow Shoe at the Sanctuary March 14th, 2020

March 14, 2020
10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

Snowshoe at the Sanctuary Saturday March 14th, 2020

Meet at the American Bear Association Visitor Center at 10:30 AM (program will run about an hour long) located at 4303 Highway 53 Orr, MN 55771

Registration for this event is $15

11:30AM-2PM March 14th – in the field


Learn about all the different mammals and birds that live in the Northwoods of Minnesota during the winter months.  Snow shoeing is a great way to stay active during the winter months as well as an excellent means of exploring hard to get to locations at the sanctuary. You will snowshoe down onto the property of the sanctuary (1-2 miles depending on where we begin) guided by a naturalist. You will learn how to identify bird species seen on the hike and any tracks made in the snow by common mammals (bobcat, wolf, pine marten, snowshoe hare, mink etc.) Learn about hibernation (specifically bear hibernation) and all of the animals that use hibernation to survive winters in Minnesota. You will also learn about the different adaptations that the active animals use during winter months to survive. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM!You must cancel 30 days in advance to get a full refund. Space is limited, register early! Minimum of 2 people must be registered or event will be cancelled and refund will be given.This program is weather dependent. Bring binoculars, snow shoes, camera, many warm layers, snacks and water!

Snowshoeing at the Sanctuary March 14th, 2020

  • Cell phone required in case it is cancelled that morning.
  • Price: $15.00
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