Our mission at the sanctuary has always been education oriented. One of ABA’s dreams and plans for a long time now, has been to expand viewing platform located within the “magic circle”, which is the 2.5 acres in which we feed the bears.  Our crowds are growing so, obviously this would provide more room for visitors and for open viewing. This is the only open classroom in the world in which you can observe WILD American black bears! We wish to expand our deck along the edge of the forest so our visitors receive a unique opportunity to observe the intimate world of the normally shy and reclusive black bear.

Along with enhanced viewing opportunities will come better photographic possibilities. This will allow visitors to have a closer look at the many behaviors seen at the sanctuary. These include; playing, nursing, mating, climbing and interacting with each other. This will guarantee closer views of cubs as they cry out to mama bear to return, yearlings, (the low man in the hierarchy of the bear world) are quite a sight to behold as they whine, cry and moan out, coupled with huffs, blowing and branch slapping. So many new experiences will unfold closer than ever, right before you eyes.

Donations will be used:

  • PHASE 1: To expand our viewing platform 10′ wide by 40′ in length- CURRENTLY UNDERWAY! 
  • PHASE 2: To construct a den that children and the young at heart will be able to explore and learn more about bear hibernation- WE ARE RAISING FUNDS FOR THIS NOW!
  • PHASE 3 of our deck project: Provide a covered section of our deck for shelter from rain as our deck currently only offers open viewing
  • To continue to provide a unique opportunity, unlike anywhere else, for people to view and learn about black bears and their behavior in their natural habitat

We recently have partnered with a generous donor who has agreed to match up to $10,000 of our donations for this project. We appreciate the generosity of this special donor and all they have donated to the sanctuary in the past.

Your generous donation to The American Bear Association will ensure that we can continue to promote peaceful coexistence through education and provide a safe place for adult bears and their cubs.

The American Bear Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit. We are funded solely by private donations and we do not receive any state or federal funding.


Deck Donations