ABA Board of Directors

  • Dennis Udovich: President of the American Bear Association

    Dennis Udovich, Greaney MN

    Dennis Udovich, Greaney, MN

  • Klari Lea: 1st Vice President

    Klari Lea, TN

    Klari Lea, TN

  • Carl Racchini: 2nd Vice President

    Carl Racchini, Greenbush MI

    Carl Racchini, Greenbush MI

  • Tom Klingbiel: Secretary

    Tom Klingbiel, Verona, WI

    Tom Klingbiel, Verona, WI

  • James Glancy: Treasurer

    Jim Glancy, Virginia, MN

    Jim Glancy, Virginia, MN

  • Karen Hauserman: Board Member

    Karen Hauserman

  • Eric Tetens: Board Member


Eric Tetens, Chicago IL

Staff and Volunteers

  • Stephanie Horner: Director

    Steph Horner, Orr, MN

  • Ryan Horner: Chief Operations Manager

    Ryan Horner, Orr, MN

  • Sam Brennan: Sanctuary Manager

    Sam Brennan, Athens, OH

  • Viktoria Pituch: Manager

    Viktoria Pituch, Fort Collins, CO

  • Kimberly Holmes: Webmaster
  • Eric Tetens: Photo Workshop Instructor
  • James Zahorsky: CPA
  • Luci Holman: Accounting
  • Curt Laakkenen: Road Supervisor
  • Karen Hauserman: Bear In Mind Editor