Our mission at the sanctuary has always been conservation oriented. With that being said, we are looking to install solar panels at the sanctuary to help cut down on our carbon footprint. Solar energy is a cheaper alternative to electricity and is less intrusive. Currently we power our gift shop and cabins with car batteries that need to be replaced yearly. This is not very cost, nor labor effective. We would also like to improve your experience on deck by having lights and fans in the gift shop. We would also be able to utilize the solar power in our cook shack and the pole barn in which bear food is stored. Currently, our staff, interns and volunteers usually go without using the lights in these areas so we can conserve those batteries for more important functions. We are looking into grants for this project, however, the programs that apply to us are matching programs in which we need to come up with a significant amount on our own. This is why we need your help, please consider donating today to bring us into the 21st century!


Solar Donations