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Information on Bears

Bears have fascinated us for centuries. As one of the most adaptable and versatile mammals on earth, their behavior stirs fear, awe, wonder and curiosity in us. Unfortunately, there are still many myths surrounding the lives and behavior of bears which impact on people's imagination negatively. Stories of ferocious attacks by blood-thirsty bears on defenceless hikers, of irrational and spiteful attacks on campers, and so forth, are often economical with the truth when it comes to explaining why these attacks took place and whether they were even provoked, directly or indirectly. The overwhelming sense conveyed in these stories is that bears are dangerous, mean creatures that are an extreme threat to people in any circumstance. Of course this is inaccurate at best, and unhelpful at worst.

The other commonly found myth is of bears as cuddly creatures of the woods that resemble the teddy bears we owned as children. While there is no doubt that bears hold the fascination to trigger childrens' imagination, it is important that the stories we share with our children be based on facts and not fiction.

The American Bear Association is determined to dispel both myths - the myth based on fear, and the one based on a misplaced belief that bears are just tame cuddly animals. Bears are intelligent and resourceful wild mammals that deserve our respect. We believe that a greater knowledge of the behavior, ecology and habitat needs of bears is crucial if we are to learn to co-exist peacefully with this magnificent creature.

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