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Hello, Teacher!

Have you thought about doing a Bear Unit with your class?
Kids of all ages love bears!

    A Bear Unit will spark your children's interest in learning.

    You can teach them about the natural world through a study of the American Black Bear .

    The study will incorporate all of the disciplines:

You can also include Art, Music, Cooking, and Games.

      Recipe - Bear Toast

      Recipe - "Cub" Cakes

      Folk Tale

      Bear Beat Rap

      Graphing Activities

      We all know the importance of teaching children good stewardship of our natural resources. The fascination that they feel for bears is a perfect springboard for the study of nature and our interdependence with the natural world.

      The American Bear Association has published Bear Beat, an activity book for children, teachers, and parents. The activities above, plus the other activities on the "For Teachers" page, are taken from the book. In addition to these, there are 30+ more ideas, activities, and information pages, including a pictorial calendar of a year in the life of a bear and a board game that can be copied and made for your class. To find out how to buy a copy, contact us.

      If you decide to do a unit on bears with your class, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Check our Links for Teachers page, for a list of excellent resources and awesome activities to help your class learn about bears!


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