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Bearproof bird feeder design

Many people who live in bear country want to feed birds, and yet the advice from experts (including the ABA) is that you should not leave feeders out during the bears' active season, particularly in spring and fall. At the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a birdfeeder demonstration area to show how it is possible to enjoy feeding birds without needlessly impacting bears. Here is the plan for such a feeder suspension system, which you can install in your yard.

  1 Fixed supports, such as 4x4 posts, trees, the side of a building, etc.
  2 Cable on which to hang feeder(s). Feeder should be minimum of 5 feet from supports.
  3 Winch with locking mechanism to raise and lower feeder for filling. It must be installed 10 feet above the ground.

  4 Anchor of some kind (U-bolt or hook) also 10 feet above the ground.
  5 Wheel assembly, which will roll along cable with feeder attached below.
  6 Feeder.
  7 If desired, extend cable to another fixed support by using heavier har
dware or by using supports at appropriate intervals.

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